Open training:

Controlling I: Basics of Controlling

12th, 13th of November 2018 - Bucharest

Controlling II: Cost Reduction & Profitability

19th, 20th of November 2018 - Bucharest

Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment

10th, 11th of December 2018 - Bucharest

Lean Supply Chain Management

8th, 9th of November 2018 - Sibiu

Problem Solving Techniques

8th, 9th of October 2018 - Sibiu

Basics of Productivity

22nd, 23rd of November 2018 - Bucharest

Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) Profitability Scenarios: Systematic and Systemic Improvement of Manufacturing Costs

Alin Posteucă

by Productivity Press, New York (USA), Oct. 2018

MCPD Transformation Dr. Posteuca

Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) Transformation: Uncovering Hidden Reserves of Profitability

Alin Posteucă

by Productivity Press, New York (USA), Feb. 2018


Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) and Methods Design Concept (MDC): The Path to Competitiveness

Alin Posteucă, Shigeyasu Sakamoto

by Productivity Press, New York (USA), 2017

Sometimes you need to do the hard work of understanding the data - data can uncover the secrets of your operations: the good, the bad … and the ugly. And sometimes, you need to work at the detailed level to fully understand what is going on … and uncover why.
The MPCD approach does this - works at the detailed, data level to uncover those secrets. But more than this - it drives forward progress. It uses targets to motivate, to challenge and to provide evidence - of the possible, the realistic, the ‘truth’. Managers can then work at a daily level to identify why these targets are not being met - and to improve operations so that the targets are met, regularly and consistently. MPCD deployment puts those managers firmly in control. Perhaps most importantly, MPCD provides the links between the ``productivity vision`` and longer-term aims -- and the goals and action plans that drive shorter-term improvement. Adopting and using the MPCD system releases hidden reserves of productivity and profitability.
Alin has done a remarkable job of condensing a lot of detailed information into a readable, interesting and challenging book. If you are the type of manager who values evidence-based policy determination and decision-making, then MPCD is the approach for you. If you are not yet convinced, read the results of case examples - this approach works!
John Heap, President of the World Confederation of Productivity Science
Profitability, Productivity and Quality Services:

Exegens® provides tailored assitance for customers in order to fulfill strategies by improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing quality.


Exegens® provides comprehensive employee training programs in order to achieve consistent fulfilment of KPIs (Quality, Cost, Delivery, etc.).

Open Training

Here you can find the Exegens® open training planning for 2018 to increase your adaptability to current professional performance requirements.


Following the concern for continuous innovation in productivity through profitability, Exegens® has developed the Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) system. The main goals of the MCPD system are to reduce costs and increase external and internal profit by improving productivity.

Cost Reduction

Exegens® has developed a cost reduction program that guarantees significant reduction in unit costs of products and services for companies. Exegens® sets a cost reduction program in a scientific and systematic way by investigating the relationship between costs, processes and losses of equipment, people, materials and utilities.

Management Branding

Management Branding is the answer for the harrowing questions like: ”What is wrong with our implementation of Lean Principles?”. Management Branding promotes new concepts such as: management team by contexts, desirable contextual behaviour, contextual behavioural strategy, etc.