Profitable Production Planning to achieve Production Planning: Speed-Based Target Profit (SBTP) Unit Speed of Target Profit Practical Approach for Cost-down and Cash-up! CONSULTING TRAINING BOOKS Cost-Competitiveness Improvement Cost Reduction Program: Manufacturing Cost Policy Deloyment (MCPD) for building Target Profit Structure Reform 5-Years Warranty for Annual Unit Cost Improvement of 6%! CONSULTING TRAINING BOOKS Profitability Scenarios MCPD Transformation The Path to Competitiveness Productivity Policy Deployment Operational Excellence Program Long-Term Scientific Productivity Thinking CONSULTING TRAINING BOOKS Uncover your Hidden Profitability through Operationall Excellence! MCPD Transformation Improving Productivity more than 200% Working Method Redesign for Profitability: Methods Design Concept (MDC) without Investment, using a Creative/ Innovative Approach. Beyond World-Class Productivity! CONSULTING TRAINING BOOKS The Path to Competitiveness Industrial Engineering Practice and Theory The Potential for Strategic Systematic Improvement Strategic Kaizen Setting Takt Profit & KAIZENshiro Annual Financial & Operational Reconciliation The Answer to Historically Incomplete Thinking! CONSULTING TRAINING BOOKS MCPD Transformation The Path to Competitiveness Profitability Scenarios Resources for Improving Productivity & Profitability

Discover the future of operational excellence with Dr. Alin Posteucă’s new book, Beyond Strategic Kaizen: Performing Synchronous Profitable Operations. This book provides a unique and innovative structured method for implementing strategic productivity improvements to transform your operations and achieve your profitability goals. Align the systematic improvement strategy with both customer demand and profit objectives to achieve synchronous profitable operations. The book is now available from Taylor & Francis Publishing House (New York, USA).

With 5 editions and 284 global university libraries on 6 continents purchasing the book within the first 7 months of release, including prestigious institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Oxford University, Stanford University, University College London (UCL), Pennsylvania State University, the global impact of of this book is undeniable. Take your profitability goals to the next level with Beyond Strategic Kaizen. Details…

Consulting Program: Cost Reduction

5-Years Warranty for Annual Unit Cost Improvement of 6%.

Current and future challenges of companies call for a competitive profit structure and a continuous, flexible reduction of unit costs. Exegens® offers a Cost Reduction Consulting Program to help you achieve these goals and ensure cost-competitiveness supremacy. Their target profit structure reform can help your business intervene on unnecessary costs and re-evaluate current methods. Plus, involving all people is key to achieving cost reduction. Take a step towards improving your company’s financial results with Exegens®.

Consulting Program: Working Methods Redesign

Improving Productivity more than 200% without Investment, with Creative/ Innovative Approach.

Are you facing challenges in improving productivity without investing more resources? Proper staff allocation and reducing labor costs can be a daunting task. To support organizational change, it’s essential to understand the actual performance of your people.

To achieve higher levels of productivity improvement, it’s crucial to separate productivity content into M – Method, P-Performance, and U-Utilization from an industrial engineering perspective. Adopting new approaches for each dimension of productivity is key to success.

Our consulting program offers innovative redesign of work methods to help you improve productivity without investing more resources. Don’t let these challenges hold you back. Contact us today to learn more about our program.

Consulting Program: Office and Service Productivity Increase

True Office and Service Productivity is a Stake of Effectiveness!

Companies face significant challenges when it comesto reducing the cost of administrative functions and increasing productivity in the office. High indirect costs in administrative areas and incomplete IT solutions are just a few examples.

Simply making improvements based on time does not make the necessary improvements. It’s time to reassess and reallocate headcount. Although employee resistance can be high, our innovative office productivity program guarantees measurable results. We use industrial engineering techniques to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

If you’re looking to increase productivity and reduce administrative costs, our office and service productivity consulting program is the way to go. Learn more about the details of our program and take the first step towards a more productive future. Details…