• 2.2.5

Actual Cycle Time

By Dr. Alin Posteucă

Un echipament/ o linie care are variații semnificative între ciclul de timp standard și cel real trebuie declarat în stare de breakdown? (standard cycle time mai mic decât actual cycle time).

Am uneori această discuție în fabrici. Aveți cicluri de timp standard la echipamente/ linii? Măsurați diferențele dintre standard și actual cycle time? Aveți astfel de discuții la voi în firmă?

Așa cum se știe, lipsa recunoașterii problemei este cea mai mare problemă.

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Strategic productivity and profitability consultant and researcher, Alin Posteucă, Ph.D., Ph.D. is transforming the way companies approach their strategic transformation. With over 20 years of management consulting experience, Posteucă has created effective concepts such as Strategic Kaizen, Takt Profit, KAIZENshiro Budgets and Costing. His research on production flow has led to innovative breakthroughs in strategic and operational productivity improvement.

Posteucă's investigation into typologies of losses and waste has identified feasible improvements that can achieve the ideal state of production flow, known as Synchronous Profitable Operations (SPO). His Takt Profit model allows the optimization of production planning, transforming profit per minute into objectives for strategic improvements achieved through Strategic Kaizen projects.

Posteucă's research has led to increased effectiveness in strategic improvements and has set the stage for future productivity in the world of manufacturing technology. He is laureate of the Romanian Academy of the "Traian Vuia" Prize, the highest scientific prize in Romania.

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