About us

EXEGENS® (Bucharest – Romania) is a consulting and training company in profitability, productivity and quality. EXEGENS® has developed a cost reduction program that guarantees significant reduction of product and services unit costs in companies by maximizing the effectiveness and the efficiency of consumed resources.

Today, productivity is a way that can provide tools and methodologies to improve the performance in order to get fast, measurable and available results for production, services and trade companies.

If you need customized assistance for long term planning and results focused training sessions, our productivity consultants will provide you support to achieve the competitive advantage. Supported by our team, your productivity projects will focus on the implementation of Value-Adding Management, Total Quality Management, Just-in-Time and Total Productive Maintenance principles.

Each approach will be made using teamwork oriented tools: Standardization, One-Piece Flow, Quick changeover (SMED), Mistake-Proofing (Poka yoke), kanban, Problem Solving with CEDAC, Visual Workplace, Visual Office, Autonomous Maintenance, Overall Equipment Efectiveness (OEE), Design of Experiments, Quality Function Deployment, Ergonomics and much more!

And as a result of continuous studies, research and experience, our company expands its offer every year, constantly adapting to the current economical context.

The Productivity conferences offer you an excellent opportunity to interact with the best and the latest information in this field. These conferences bring together world-class practitioners and high-performance strategies.

Our trainings, workshops and forums provide you the opportunity for continuous improvement in key areas such as Lean Management.

EXEGENS® is known for significant improvements made as a result of the previous projects. A large proportion of customers have worked with us as a result of recommendations from their colleagues, who previously have collaborated with our team.

Our mission

Mission Statement:
To explore the potential of Productivity for inspiring the business environment to assume a responsible use of all resources.

Understanding the clients′ values and offering a quality and quick response in order to direct their innovative potential and to improve their mobility and learning skills.

We value team work, applied science and focused simplicity to help clients turn strategic ideas into data driven action plans. We maintain a high degree of congruence between our words and actions to accomplish our quality commitments.

Our team

The Exegens® team is a dynamic and enthusiastic team, which consists of consultants who have worked with reputed multinational and Romanian production, trade and services companies.

Our consultants, with internationally recognized professional qualifications (PhD – Management Accounting, Engineering and production systems, Financial Accounting, Management, MBA, specializations in engineering techniques Lean and TPM in Japan, Accounting Expert, IFRS/IAS Certification, Evaluating Expert, specialization in human resources, communication management, public relations, leadership) and with the acquired practical experience, will use tools, techniques, procedures and methods checked and adapted to the needs of the customers.

As productivity professionals, we are interested in the performance level that our team members can achieve. We invest  a lot in training, coaching and other development programs for our consultants, because we understand the importance of extremely well prepared consultants for the success of our partners.


Motto: “Ethics is the foundation of durable and continuous improvement” (EXEGENS®)

EXEGENS® wants to maintain with all his interlocutors relations based on the principles of this Code of Ethics. The basis of this document is a long-term commitment that provides ethical guarantees for the economic  strategies and goals for the development of the company.

General principles:
1. Quality of services
2. Credibility
3. Professionalism and competence
4. Integrity, honor and fairness
5. Objectivity
6. Goodwill
7. Mutual consideration
8. Valuing the human resources
9. Confidentiality
10. Morality
11. Dignity

Areas of application:
1. Relationship with customers
2. Relationship with partnets
3. Relationship with the media and external communication
4. Relationship with other external organizations.

EXEGENS® is involved in implementing this Code of Ethics in an active, open way and based on sound moral principles.

Contact us to find out how we could customize our consulting and training services to match your needs.