About us

Exegens Management Consultants (EMC), founded in 2005, is a Romanian consulting firm that holds international acclaim for its innovative management practices. Our primary focus revolves around propelling economic growth for companies by elevating both quality and productivity with visibility in expected profitability. With expertise spanning various domains – such as strategy, manufacturing, supply chain, and human resources management – we deliver robust solutions that drive sustainable success.

In the intricate socio-economic landscape of today, EMC delivers optimal solutions that align with managerial expectations. Our distinctive management methodologies include:

  1. Strategic Kaizen: comprehensive productivity improvement system to achieve successive targets of profitability with minimal or no investments. After in-depth research, EMC proposed this methodology in 2017 and then in practical detail in 2023;
  2. Speed-Based Target Profit: production planning and control system that optimizes operational speed and efficiency to achieve the ideal state of flow. EMC proposed this system in 2020;
  3. Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment: a system for simultaneous and consistent operational and financial improvements, both strategically and operationally. EMC proposed this system in 2017 and then in practical detail in 2018 and 2019.

At EMC, we transcend mere theory. Our approach is hands-on, working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients on-site. From meticulous analysis to strategic planning, we implement countermeasures and cultivate improvement ideas. This personalized engagement allows us to pinpoint specific challenges and root causes, ultimately driving success for our esteemed clients. Contact EMC today for management solutions tailored to your business challenges regarding: (1) cost-competitive improvement, (2) demanding quality, (3) addressing over-allocated resources, and (4) improving various delivery demands and of shortening delivery deadlines.

EMC: The Home of Strategic KAIZEN!

Vision, Mission and Values

To explore the potential of Profitability through Productivity for inspiring the business environment to assume a responsible use of all resources for the expected results.

Understanding the clients′ values and offering a quality and quick response in order to direct their innovative potential and to improve their mobility and learning skills.

We value team work, applied science and focused simplicity to help clients turn strategic ideas into data driven action plans. We maintain a high degree of congruence between our words and actions to accomplish our quality commitments.


Motto: “Ethics is the foundation of durable and continuous improvement” (EXEGENS®)

General principles: quality of services, credibility, professionalism and competence, integrity, goodwill, mutual consideration,valuing the human resources, confidentiality, morality and dignity.

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