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Have your say about Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD):
"Reveal your hidden Productivity!

Sometimes you need to do the hard work of understanding the data - data can uncover the secrets of your operations: the good, the bad … and the ugly. And sometimes, you need to work at the detailed level to fully understand what is going on … and uncover why.

The MPCD approach does this - works at the detailed, data level to uncover those secrets. But more than this - it drives forward progress. It uses targets to motivate, to challenge and to provide evidence - of the possible, the realistic, the ‘truth’. Managers can then work at a daily level to identify why these targets are not being met - and to improve operations so that the targets are met, regularly and consistently. MPCD deployment puts those managers firmly in control. Perhaps most importantly, MPCD provides the links between the ``productivity vision`` and longer-term aims -- and the goals and action plans that drive shorter-term improvement. Adopting and using the MPCD system releases hidden reserves of productivity and profitability.

Alin has done a remarkable job of condensing a lot of detailed information into a readable, interesting and challenging book. If you are the type of manager who values evidence-based policy determination and decision-making, then MPCD is the approach for you. If you are not yet convinced, read the results of case examples - this approach works!"

John Heap, President of the World Confederation of Productivity Science
Have your say about Productivity trainings:
"The course was good for my professional and personal development. This creates an organizational mind set and I would recommend it to all employees."
Grazziela Amaximoaei – Vitvitchi, Technical Training Manager NOKIA ROMANIA
Have your say about Controlling trainings:
"All information presented is closely related to the practice - the applicability rate is almost 100%. Special assessments are for KAIZEN and costing methods. At least the costs of 4-5 business processes used in my company could be improved and made more efficient on a short term bases. On a long term basis I could forecast a reduction / improvement of costs in process activities, costs that have a large share in the company. All information presented is based on a special experience of the traininer."
Iulian Frunza, Economic Director, LESSOPLAST
Have your say about Automotive Core Tools trainings:
"This training was beneficial because it helped us learn to solve our problems and it challenged us to think of even more things related to our work. Our work will be definitely easier and more valuable."
Raluca Rusu, Production Technician, Nolato Romania
Have your say about Balanced Scorecard trainings:
"By applying what we have learned, we certainly will increase our staff involvement and responsibility for the problems to be solved. Thus we will increase efficiency and reduce losses. I wish good luck in the future for the Exegens team."
Nicolae Movileanu, General Manager, DELTA INVEST
Have your say about Exegens - consulting services:
"For us it was a real win to work with Exegens® specialists.
In addition to the necessary theoretical concepts, I was most impressed by the practical solutions proposed and by the results in the project in which you have provided us consultancy services. The feedback sent by my colleagues is unanimously in favor of the Exegens specialists, which made a team with us in the project."