"This training (Automotive Core Tools) was beneficial because it helped us learn to solve our problems and it challenged us to think of even more things related to our work. Our work will be definitely easier and more valuable."
Raluca Rusu, Production Technician, Nolato Romania
"This training session (Automotive Core Tools) was beneficial because it helped us find about our factory things that maybe we knew but we did not document them. I believe that after this training our relationship with Client Quality will become increasingly tight."
Ioana Mălina Berechet, Quality Engineer, Nolato Romania
"Following this training (Automotive Core Tools), my work will be better documented and more organized. By participating in this training, I have learned many useful information in my daily work."
Ionela Iordache, Logistics Coordinator, Nolato Romania
"The training (Automotive Core Tools) is clear, logical, easy to understand and follow. It is beneficial to understanding and solving workplace problems."
Gabriel Smerea, Nolato Romania
"The training session (Automotive Core Tools) has provided new and useful ideas that can be applied in our company. This will help to improve staff activity by organizing and facilitating its work in on-going and new projects."
Adina Nicolae, Nolato Romania
"Attending the Quality Core Tools training was beneficial because we were given useful and cutting edge information. All covered topics were very important to me, and training materials were structured and full of examples."
Employee in Quality Department, LEONI
"Attending the training (Automotive Core Tools) was beneficial because we have understood the implications of the quality issues and the improvement needs in my work."
Employee in Quality Department, LEONI
"First of all, the information gained and strengthened during this session (FMEA) helps those who work in the automotive industry as process engineers. But I believe this course is useful in any business, any industry because it helps you get a clear view of risks that may arise in the process. The course was beneficial because I learned new things about Lean culture, things that will be useful for my professional development."
Ovidiu Adam, Repair Technical Trainer, NOKIA ROMANIA
"I recommend this training (FMEA) to process specialists (design, improvement, audit, analysis). Until now it has been difficult for me to demonstrate why a process should be improved. This course gave me the answer, helping me to improve my analytical work."
Grazziela Amaximoaei – Vitvitchi, Technical Training Manager, NOKIA ROMANIA
"The information gained during this training (FMEA) helps you to systematize your thinking and your tackling in any job available. Therefore, the course is for any professional, not just engineers or those involved in production or design."
Simona Călinici, On site Manager, NOKIA ROMANIA
"Due to information obtained and documented during this training session (FMEA), I will organize more efficiently and correctly the activities to review FMEA in the future. The course inspired me several ideas for improvement in our manufacturing process, that I want to implement as soon as possible."
"Due to this training session (FMEA), process actions will be easier to control in terms of failures, so that any possible errors could be eliminated. The course promoted a deepening of preventive engineering thinking."
Eduard Stoll, Engineer, LEONI WIRING SYSTEMS
"(...) The Exegens® consulting program (FMEA/ KAIZEN - training and workshop for a specific problem) was a good opportunity to increase the previous knowledge with the continuous process to improve the internal activities by combining the theory with practical applications taken from our production process. The consulting program satisfied our expectations in initiation this way of working (FMEA / KAIZEN). "
Mircea Rotaru, Quality Manager, WATTEEUW ROMANIA
"The FMEA/ KAIZEN training is well structured, organized and documented. It presents applicable techniques to obtain consistent improvements. It pulls the alarm signals about what we have now and what we might improve."
Iulian Nistor, B.U. Manager, CASE NEW HOLLAND
"After the training (Problem Solving) I have more information that will help me fulfill my tasks more easily, efficiently, without stress and will help me to be more effective. Yes, the training was beneficial because I learned more information about how to realize a 8D project to increase the performance and personnel and/ or company outcomes."
Dan Ursuț, Returnable packaging specialist, Karl Heinz Dietrich International Exped
"Following the information acquired during this training (Problem Solving), my work will improve in terms of customer service quality, operation effectiveness, processe optimization and last but not least, cost reduction."
Livia Bumb, Warehouse Manager, Karl Heinz Dietrich International Exped
"The training (Problem Solving) was beneficial to organize my improvement ideas towards the critical issues and how to work on quality."
Grazziela Galasiu, Quality Manager, Karl Heinz Dietrich International Exped
"The training program (Problem Solving) helped me to better understand the source of problems, and in the future I think I will be able to more effectively prevent possible problems related to the warehouse activities."
Maria Mureșan, Shift Manager, Karl Heinz Dietrich International Exped
"I believe that this training (Problem Solving) changed my view on an issue and also on the answers given prematurely, before analyzing the situation. I recommend it to others."
Florian Giubega, Process Engineer, MARQUARDT SCHALTSYSTEME
"This training (Problem Solving) highlighted the links between various quality instruments, how they could be correlated and used to make our work easier."
Iulia Crețu, Quality Insurance Engineer, MARQUARDT SCHALTSYSTEME

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