"Reveal your hidden Productivity!

Sometimes you need to do the hard work of understanding the data - data can uncover the secrets of your operations: the good, the bad… and the ugly. And sometimes, you need to work at the detailed level to fully understand what is going on… and uncover why.

The MCPD approach does this - works at the detailed, data level to uncover those secrets. But more than this - it drives forward progress. It uses targets to motivate, to challenge and to provide evidence - of the possible, the realistic, the ‘truth’. Managers can then work at a daily level to identify why these targets are not being met - and to improve operations so that the targets are met, regularly and consistently. MCPD deployment puts those managers firmly in control. Perhaps most importantly, MCPD provides the links between the ”productivity vision” and longer-term aims -- and the goals and action plans that drive shorter-term improvement. Adopting and using the MCPD system releases hidden reserves of productivity and profitability.

Alin has done a remarkable job of condensing a lot of detailed information into a readable, interesting and challenging book. If you are the type of manager who values evidence-based policy determination and decision-making, then MCPD is the approach for you. If you are not yet convinced, read the results of case examples - this approach works!"

John Heap, President of the World Confederation of Productivity Science
"This book (on MCPD) provides a way to improve practical approach and tools for competitive target costs setting with a goal engineering approach at first and unfold it for a whole organization about cost management and cost reduction, using both growth and reduction sales scenarios."
Shigeyasu Sakamoto, Ph.D. Doshisya, P.E., CEO, Productivity Partner INC. Japan
"Effective cost management underpins the achievement of competitive manufacturing, and increasingly manufacturing strategy is dominated by the need to reduce operating costs. Firms that arbitrarily cut costs to satisfy short-term profitability goals miss the bigger opportunity to both reduce costs and increase productivity. This is where Alin’s book makes an important and unique contribution, bridging the strategic management and operations improvement domains. Through MCPD decision makers are better informed to identify cost reduction opportunities, which can then be implemented through productivity improvement. To put it simply, MCPD makes manufacturing better: cheaper, more productive, and more capable of competing on a global scale."
Daniel Eyers, Ph.D., Lecturer in Manufacturing Systems Management - Cardiff University
"Written by a seasoned professional Ph.D., the book of Alin Posteuca is a mind opening a new way of scientifically and practically approach the concepts of manufacturing operations. Want to make your business more profitable, you the present days entrepreneur? Do you want to get immersed in the wonderful philosophy of productivity, get to know the latest ideas that the experts are conveying them to the production floor?
Alin’s book is an answer and a practical guide to all these. It shows the basic fundamental and scientific steps and factors that are supporting his new very original approach to the profitability and productivity and also practical suggestions when facing problems on the production floor."
Florin Larion, Lean-Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Philadelphia, USA
"While most of authors are focusing their efforts, experience and explanation on productivity improvement, Alin, with his ”Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment” (MCPD) goes further- providing real improvement factors, continuous targeting of improvements to profit, financial quantification of results - all elements needed in order get the results of improved productivity at the level of profit and loss statement (P&L). This third book dedicated to MCPD, named ”Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) Profitability Scenarios: Systematic and Systemic Improvement of Manufacturing Costs” is ”advanced level manual”: 15 improvement projects documenting previously explained scenarios, concise, clear, targeted and obviously easy to replicate to meet the Manufacturing Cost Improvement (MCI) goal - you CANNOT pretend haven't found your company's situation in one of those."
Ovidiu Ambrus, Plant Manager at Litens Automotive Eastern Europe (Litens Automotive Group)
"In the beginning, the book presented a general look for an entire organization and explains very well how the entire levels must understand that the continuous improvement of manufacturing costs it is not a goal only for production department but requires mobilization of all people in the company. That means that they have to improve continuos the activities (Kaizen) and actions (Kaikaku) of the processes of each product family cost. The book has concret examples very useful in the daily practice. I recommend sincerily this book to all managers that want to improve their work and want to have better results."
Monica Vuscan, Technical-Production Director at Farmec
"Everyone wants to improve costs, everyone wants long lasting results, but most of the low hanging fruits are already consumed by now. So, what happens in manufacturing when you just apply what everyone else is using? Well, you most likely have similar results as everyone else and then just some subjective or accidental factor will make the difference. There is obviously something more that you or anyone else who wants to have a fair edge has to do. There is no quick fix or miracle solution. So, what can you do then?

You need to understand your data and what to do with it. Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment is a detailed and very well-structured guideline that provides you with the right advice and examples on how to do this. It’s giving you the answers to questions that perhaps you always had in your head, but they were never really addressed.

Getting back to the beginning: by now most of the manufacturing organizations have at least a basic lean understanding, but it is not working if the costs are not under control, profits are low or even missing and people do not feel engaged and motivated. Why are the targets and the way they are addressed so important? How can we make sure we are fully aware of our existing waste and how to transform all the available information in better planning and suitable targets? How do we engage everyone, what is the link between motivation, targets and profit? What do we learn from our customers, from the market – and why? And there are so many more questions and the best part of the MCPD is that it’s addressing all these questions with clear data and examples and helps you getting your answers.

I know Alin for many years and this work is a true highlight of his long-time research. It is one of those books that you wished you had it early in your career when you were responsible for critical projects or businesses and you knew that things can be done better. Thankfully, it is never too late to learn!"

Ovidiu Moroșanu, Global Sourcing Leader – Progress Rail, a Caterpillar company
"All information presented (during the Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction training program) is closely related to the practice - the applicability rate is almost 100%. Special assessments are for KAIZEN and costing methods. At least the costs of 4-5 business processes used in my company could be improved and made more efficient on a short term bases. On a long term basis I could forecast a reduction/ improvement of costs in process activities, costs that have a large share in the company. All information presented is based on a special experience of the traininer."
Iulian Frunză, Economic Director, LESSOPLAST
"As a result of this training (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) I will organize my work better, I have new ideas for the controlling activity, I will adapt the methods/ solutions from a field into another field, I will translate as better the financial accounting information into actual processes. As a result of this course I have enriched my knowledge with new information and I have realized some required controlling actions."
Eleonora Camelia Udrescu, Controlling Department Manager ASTRA ASIGURĂRI
"The training program (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) is very well anchored in reality and it convinces by evidence."
Nicoleta Moldovan, Financial Manager, HUF ROMANIA
"The information presented during the training session (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) will help me on the practical implementation of many methods of cost management, to prioritize the information already held and to make processes more efficient. I’m sure that I′ll have another image of what efficiency means in business and it will add value to the work I do."
Mădălina Dumitrache, Head of Finance & Accounting, TELELINK SERVICES
"The training (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) was beneficial because it gave me an insight into the role of controlling activity and opened new directions that I will certainly use in my future professional activity. As a result of this course I will improve my analysis processes and I will increase the efficiency of my work."
Cristina Mazilu, Senior Controller CAROLI FOODS GROUP
"This training session (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) confirmed me some practices already used by me and presented new and modern management techniques with practical examples. "
Bogdan Cojocaru, Project Controller, TELELINK SERVICES
"Our company has implemented for many years a system of cost control, but we always wished we could have a contact with an expert in this field to improve our system. The training program (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) I have attended has given us this opportunity and, immediately after completing the course, we have started to implement new things learned here."
Ștefan Holobiuc, Economic Manager, ELCOMEX IEA
"The training program ``Controlling. The Business Profitability`` is very well structured, with more highly concentrated information from all areas of productivity and focused on applicable solutions in the crisis context.
Personally, this training has clarified for me many aspects of the controller’s role in the organization, the specific way in which sensitive issues must be approached, it changed my orientation towards analysis to improve processes.
Also, it suggested me at least 4 ideas with immediate application, to improve my activity and the organization’s, but also some ways and solutions to organize on a medium and long term basis the activity of the company in order to survive in the crisis which is to come."
Eugen Ursache, Controller, RIO BUCOVINA
"Through the Controlling training program organized by EXEGENS, the quality of making decisions will improve within the whole organisation through precesses redesign, with the main concept of CUSTOMER VALUE."
Lucian Botofei, Financial Manager, CRAWFORD PRODUCTION ROMANIA
"The training (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) was beneficial because we have been created a new vision for an approach to improve the cost, using the Japanese techniques for improvement. "
"The main advantage of the training gprogram (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) is the overall view on the role of controlling, including here the points we have to focuse on. "
Nicoleta Puculete, Accounting Manager, LEMAN INDUSTRIE
"It is one of the best trainings (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) I have attended. The benefits are numerous (...): assessment and analysis of losses, of actions / products that bring losses, increasing the productivity of labor, proper risk assessment for an investment, continuously improving the KPI’s and the last but not least the importance of the employee in the final result of the company. The information gained during this course will help me for sure with a better documentation of the decision and with a proper risk assessment."
Raul Filip, Retail Director, ALTEX ROMANIA
"From my point of view, this training session (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction) was a very interesting one, with a content rich in useful information, with an exceptional approach to the Japanese business techniques."
Ovidiu Țigănescu, Human Resources Manager, ALTEX ROMANIA
"It was a complex training (Controlling - Costing, Budgeting & Cost Reduction), deepened, with very much new information, which can be applied selectively on any kind of economic activity. Very useful have been the discussions and how the teacher explained some of the concrete situations of the different organizations."
Liliana Druga, Accounting Manager, SARTOROM
"I think the release of the message ”continuously focused improvement” on the processes in the organization is a gain. Meanwhile, the presentation by visual management of the objectives and values of the company by KAIZEN teams is a viable and efficient solution (in a certain manner, we are already working in this way). From my point of view, the fact that we have participated together with other colleagues (from the top management) of Altex is the biggest gain, since we are going to send the same message to all business processes. Japanese management techniques presented are a plus in my internal audit activity."
Iulian Vasile, Audit Manager, ALTEX ROMANIA
"Knowing that ”every manager is also a Human Resources Manager” (Exegens statement), we could say that any manager should be a Financial Manager, in order to understand financial terms (costs, budget, losses, etc.). ...Only this way he could help increase profits. The information acquired during the training session (Human Resources Budget) clarifies some concepts already known and complements them with a new series of useful techniques (HR metrics) for reports preparation to help me in making decisions."
Daniela Olimpia Popa, Human Resources Director, CEZ Group
"Understanding the business process in a company is the way to success. Now I can say that ”learning to see” is a very strong asset in a manager′s activity. When everything is clear, there′s nothing else to do than implement. I’m sure I could bring added value to my company by implementing ideas collected in the training session. My expectations for this course were a bit different, but the way the trainer handled it made me find other opportunities with greater added value for me."
Mihai Ionescu, HR Manager, CEZ Services
"My activity related to budgets will be more grounded and will be based on a detailed analysis of each cost generating activities. I will try to analyze the section of reducing the HR losses. The professionalism of the training session (Human Resources Budget) helped me to remember which is the core activity of Human Resources Department, which is to take care of company employees. The information gained will diversify my activity by participating in collateral work projects to personnel administration, payroll. The cost control by reducing losses and managerial problem solving techniques are of utmost importance in companies."
Claudia Gina POPA, HR Manager, CEZ Services
"The training session (Human Resources Budget) was beneficial in terms of overall understanding of company expenses having an impact on the HR budget. Systematic and systemic approach can lead to a professional HR budget."
Mihaela Obeadă, HR Manager, DUNAPACK
"I have understood the place of the HR budget in the Master Budget and my role on direct and indirect labor budgeting using standard cost, ABC/ Processes, by working in Kaizen teams, using KPI′s for HR, etc.. It is a pleasure to listen to the trainer and understand what you are told.
I now have a different vision of what is cost saving vs. cost continuous improvement through KAIZEN. Acquired concepts taught were OK and understandable to anyone with minimal knowledge of Controlling (Costs and Budgets)."
Mira Crișan, HR Manager, Continental
"My work in the organization I represent will improve by 30-40% through a better understanding of the activities of the Financial - Accounting Department and my role in the HR department and the organization. "
HR Specialist, a production company having a turnover of 150 million Euro in Romania and 2,000 employees
"I will be more organized to substantiate the HR budget and especially to maintain a performance training budget."
HR Specialist, production company with a turnover of 44 million Euro in Romania
"After participating to this training session (Human Resources Budget), I am sure that I could be an important part of the work standardization process carried out in my company."
HR Specialist, a telecommunications company
"This training session (Human Resources Budget) opened my new vision of what means the work of an HR Manager and its role in an organization."
Smaranda Tudorică, HR Responsible, LEMAN INDUSTRIE

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