"I’ve been collaborating with Alin since a long period already for different projects, and I have been witness to the development of the Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) concept at different stages until this third book on MCPD has been reached. The MCPD system is a unique reference concept in an operational environment to drive productivity improvements in order to achieve the operating profit goal through manufacturing cost improvement. Using the MCPD system, it is easy to identify and continually reduce the manufacturing costs associated with losses and waste across each product family processes. Also, cases study are very useful to understand how this new concept can be translated into practice, some of them developed in our factory, so you just need to get it done!"
Vasile Haiduc, Plant Operations Manager, DeLonghi
"This book demonstrates how MCPD system is helping companies with different type of production environments, to focus their improvement strategies and transformation of product families flow to meet customer demand, continuously targeting Manufacturing Cost Improvement convergent to zero Cost of Losses and Waste and continuous profitability improvement. Readers will find different scenarios of MCPD implementation that show impressive easy to replicate results (i.e. to meet the annual MCI goal, an kaizen project for MCI achieved profitability targets by reducing the set-up time by 70% and another by reducing breakdown by 35% to increase OEE level)."
Cătălin Neagoe, Lead Black Belt, Cameron, a Schlumberger company
"It is a clear, coherent and very well-structured book up to the smallest details that channel your attention and look at the manufacturing companies' operations as a true ”exploded view” to identify real opportunities for consistent and continuous manufacturing cost improvement (MCI) through the MCPD system.

Most of the times, we design, build and use the equipment without the natural ambition to closely and continually monitor their consumption (time spent in detail, spare parts, utilities, etc.). This ”exploded view” of the manufacturing process is a way of reverting / resetting every time the logic that we often think is perfect to release hidden reserves of productivity and profitability.

The real practical applications presented in the book are very useful. For example, replacing bottleneck operations is an example of how to use this ”exploded view” of data and information to trigger tangible action to increase productivity to deliver the ROI target in line with the company's expectations - we have simulated this case study and can confirm its practical applicability.

Really remarkable the effort to simultaneously capture the details and the overall picture of the processes!"

Gabriel Hîncu, Plant Maintenance Manager, ZF Group-TRW Airbag Systems
"My favorite animal is cheetah. Not only for speed but for adapting to environment. In the same way Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) Transformation: Uncovering Hidden Reserves of Profitability book by Alin Posteuca show us not only to be the best but also how to adapt to new kind of economy. Alin by his book show as a new view of the new world. By simple case studies in his book, Alin show us how to adapt to new economy. I strongly recommend MCPD system and his book to all want to make manufacturing cost improvement by apply the advice from his book."
Constantin Anechitei, Lean Manager at Filtration Group
"In manufacturing, our job is to continuously find the balance between cost, effectiveness and innovation to stay competitive in an increasingly selective market. The theme tackled by Alin fully reflects the struggle for discovering this balance, even if it means discovering less pleasant things, which can be hidden in unsuspected areas. The MCPD system also finds it useful to carry out radiography of the company, if the reader goes through the steps indicated. The book is useful for decision-makers who make data-based decisions, but also for those who want to learn this new approach. With MCPD system, you will be able to find those unknown reserves of profitability and productivity in your company."
Gheorghe Dumitru, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, ZF Group-TRW Airbag Systems

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