"In this new book on the MCPD system, starting from the basic questions of any manager (such as what are the activities that generate losses and waste, what types of losses and waste occur and how they are generated along the manufacturing flow, which processes are in the top of the ones that generate most of the costs of losses and waste (CLW) and what is their trend etc.) the systematic and systemic activities are presented, both annual and multiannual, for identification, quantification and analysis of CLW to consistently achieve manufacturing cost improvement (MCI) targets. The surprising and documented context is valid in the vast majority of manufacturing companies. The potential for approaching and improving the CLW of 30-50% is enormous and represents the path to true competitiveness through costs.

The 7 presented matrixes are intuitive and can be easily used for any practical model, and based on them (using the PDCA cycle), real data are available to achieve annual MCI targets. Also, it is very well underlined the way to set the annual MCI means targets (”what how/through what leverage”) taking into account the current and future context of the market & sales.

Clearly, it is a book that can be applied in factories to reduce costs consistently and strategically. I recommend the MCPD system and this book to those who realize or not that they are on a mountain of losses and waste and also have the necessity, ambition and leverage needed to radically improve this current status!"

Gabriel Hîncu, Plant Maintenance Manager, ZF Group-TRW Airbag Systems
"Since I as child I’ve loved nature. Why? Because it knew how to deal with changes to find simple solutions to complex problems. In our industrial era we have simple problems and we try to find complex solutions. In the same way Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) Profitability Scenarios: Systematic and Systemic Improvement of Manufacturing Costs book by Alin Posteuca shows us the nature way. Not only by theoretical but also by practical example. Doing Lean more than 15 years I’ve learnt what is the ”KISS” – ”Keep It Simple Stupid”. In the same way the book written by Alin teaches us how to survive and make profit in a very competitive market."
Constantin Anechitei, Lean Manager at Filtration Group
"Reading this book it becomes obvious that a newer methodology of implementing the costs and efficiencies required in the 21st century across the world has been just published.

From my personal perspective, this the manual that many educators and trainers are missing from their tool boxes because it makes the connection between the different methodologies used by the organizations plus it brings the Cost Transformation and Profitability back into the discussion of why we need projects and educators to be involved in organizational transformations.

Throughout the book, I read the new methodology with steps that will be implemented rigorously as Need for Continuous Cost Reduction, to Transformation, Implementation and Consistency to achieve Manufacturing Cost Improvement. The two cases are well detailed such that many organizations can follow the plan, while training and education can be consistently developed by those who consider Kaizen and Kaikaku as being at the heart of any process."

Dorina Grossu, Professor eLearning, BITSPEC Lean Six Sigma certification
"The concept of Manufacturing Cost Policy and its deployment is addressing by the means of this book both senior corporations high-level management as well as junior managers of small enterprises. The book is giving a thorough description of the approach applicable to any stage of business development lifecycle, highlighting the path to be followed in an integrated management approach. At the same type the book is addressed to day by day solutions to be implemented in a two ways channel application (Top-Down and Bottom-Up). The book is giving a through view on all the concurrent factors that might be overlook when aiming to withstand the competitors’ environment and is growing learning on rapid adapting under controlled indicators to changes driven risks management.

Implementation of a rational and risk-controlled manufacturing policy integrated from early design of the product until the mass production is greatly based on the product’s cost controllers where manufacturing cost is placed at its core. This makes obvious that the proposed continuous and consistent application of the Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment must be considered as redlined item of the management dashboard. Regardless of position and experience Alin’s book will bring to you new and interesting ideas, information that will make you reconsider the managerial approach and model you were used to, improving for sure your personal approach to business management."

Dana Groapă, Timisoara Medical Subsidiary, Design Quality Manager at Flex
"Once you start reading this book you realize the business complexity top managers has to deal with on daily basis. Digging more in lecture the complexity breaks out in simple steps through MCPD structured approach. You start to understand better the connections between business functions, keeping in mind that profit is the reason why organizations exists.

MCPD transformation concept developed by Alin Posteuca and detailed in this book, together with Management Branding concept by same author are powerful tools to be used by managers at all levels. Upper management have to embrace the concept and lower levels of management have to practically implement on shopfloor the steps described.

Case studies at the end of the book are proving that concept works fine with structured approach, hard work and team work when no barriers are present between business functions."

Ovidiu Grama, Production Supervisor- Manufacturing

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