"All too often, it seems that publications related to manufacturing productivity focus on short-term fixes in 'easy' scenarios. This book is unique in that it addresses improvement projects that cover the full planning range from a temporal perspective, and the pursuit of excellence regardless of product life cycles. It is key that the concepts presented in the book consider short-, medium-, and long-term productivity in a way that precludes the tendency to focus on short-term fixes. It is perhaps also this approach that leads to the development of strategies that can be used even during times of economic contraction. In short, this book provides the tools required to manage manufacturing organizations and maximize profitability during both good and trying times."
G. Don Taylor, Ph.D., P.E., Charles O. Gordon Professor – Virginia Tech, Vice Provost for Learning Systems Innovation and Effectiveness
"For us it was a real win to work with Exegens specialists.
In addition to the necessary theoretical concepts, I was most impressed by the practical solutions proposed and by the results in the project in which you have provided us consultancy services. The feedback sent by my colleagues is unanimously in favor of the Exegens specialists, which made a team with us in the project."

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