Have your say about the Lean Management training programs:
"As a result of this course, I learned something new - concepts I already knew, but now I appreciate it from a different perspective. It’s great to discuss continuous improvement concepts with the whole management team. The discussions were free, each participant was open to taking new approaches."
Doina Marinovici, Production Manager, SOMAREST AVRIG
"The course helped me to understand the interaction of activities in the company. As a result of this course, I learned to apply advanced analytical methods in solving problems or improvement projects; we also realized the need of Value Stream Mapping analysis."
Simona Rahaian, Logistics Responsible, SOMAREST
"Attending this course was necessary, considering the actual crisis and the need for continuous improvement; this course is an opportunity to gather new knowledge. Our activity can be substantially improved by using the 5S, Kaizen, VSM techniques. This can reduce the production times and hence costs."
Daniel Olaru, Production Planner & Logistics, PIRELLI
"For me it was very good to attend this course because I better understood and clarified certain concepts and actions related to Lean 5S and Kaizen practice."
Eng. Viorel Ciobanu, IMSAT SA
"The course was useful for my professional training, for my career and not least to streamline activities at work, with a contribution to improving the production flow."
Catalin Spataru, Maintenance Manager, PIRELLI
"This course was very useful because I received answers to many questions and now I know where and how to use my professional energy. My activity will improve primarily by the fact that after this course I have a clear purpose, a target and an example of excellence in productivity."
Eng. Aurel Tarara, IMSAT SA
Have your say about the Value Stream Mapping & Process Mapping training programs:
"Understanding the steps to achieve Value Stream Mapping and Process Mapping will help reduce non added-value time at work. This course refreshed my Lean and SixSigma knowledge and helped me to understand in detail Value Stream Mapping and Process Mapping."
Ovidiu Morosanu, Factory Product Manager NOKIA ROMANIA
"The team has now a clearer view on issues and processes within the company. Many aspects (positive and negative) on VSM have also been clarified. The team was able to identify business problems and plan actions for improvement."
Viorel Stoenescu, PDIP &CI Manager, TMD FRICTION
"The fact that the number of tools to analyze processes increased during this course means that many problems will be solved quickly, so you will gain time."
Gelu Mihailescu, Head of Mechanics, TMD FRICTION
Have your say about the 5S′s training programs:
"This course helped me to understand better the 5S′s principles and philosophy underlying Lean principles. If the 5S′s are applied correctly and over all, this is a good start for any team. The course was good for me in terms of “learned lessons” regarding my experience. The course also helps me in management decisions making: an accurate, objective analysis, a systematization of the current situation and indicators will thereby lead to continuous improvement and organization of management decisions."
Grazziela Amaximoaei – Vitvitchi, Technical Training Manager NOKIA ROMANIA
"Based on information gained during this course I have a better understanding of the 5S′s concept and how to implement the 5S′s in a factory."
Paul Capota, Final Assembly & Packing Engineer NOKIA ROMANIA
Have your say about the Kaizen training programs:
"The course was good for my professional and personal development. This creates an organizational mind set and I would recommend it to all employees."
Grazziela Amaximoaei – Vitvitchi, Technical Training Manager NOKIA ROMANIA
"The consulting program performed by EXEGENS® (FMEA / KAIZEN – training and workshop for a specific problem) was a good opportunity to increase the previous knowledge with the continuous process to improve the internal activities by combining the theory with practical applications taken from our production process. The consulting program satisfied our expectations regarding the initiation in this way of working (FMEA / KAIZEN)."
"The FMEA / KAIZEN training is well structured, organized and documented. It presents applicable techniques to obtain consistent improvements. It pulls the alarm signals about what we have now and what we might improve."
Have your say about the TPM and OEE training programs:
"Attending this course was very beneficial. Implemeting these TPM instruments will not only improve my work, but also the department′s work, and the entire company′s work. I realized that there is a huge improvement opportunity within the company, and what I did so far is only a small part of what can be done. Empowering operators and transforming them into small innovators will only help the company’s development plan. I understand that TPM includes all improvement projects and now I see OEE differently: not as a performance indicator, but as an indicator of non-performance as a thermometer that shows me where to act."
Tiberiu Antics, Production Manager, ANVIS ROM
"This course gave me an overview of the opportunities for improvement and development of business processes."
Employee within Maintenance Department, ANVIS ROM
"Implementing TPM by OEE and KAIZEN gets to the root causes of problems, so we can clearly identify the real problems and start solving them. The course was beneficial because I understood how to find the true losses and how they could be eliminated."
Employee within Technical Department, ANVIS ROM
"Attending this course was beneficial because I refreshed my knowledge and I learned new methods - procedures for working with people. The course opened my new perspective of working with people."
Iulian BOLOHAN, Supervising Engineer, IG WATTEEUW ROMANIA
"I think my work will change after this course because I′ll consider problems from another perspective as a way of analysis and a capacity of involving."
Iulian TROFIN, Supervising Engineer, IG WATTEEUW ROMANIA
"After this course, I realized again the importance of productivity on firm competitiveness, the inter-departmental links and the need for personal and professional improvement. Following information gained and refreshed during this course, we′ll better organize our work."
Have your say about the Problem Solving training programs:
"I believe that this course changed my view on an issue and also on the answers given prematurely, before analyzing the situation. I’d recommend it to others."
Florian Giubega, Process Engineer, MARQUARDT SCHALTSYSTEME
"This course highlighted the links between various quality instruments, how they could be correlated and used to make our work easier."
Iulia Cretu, Quality Insurance Engineer, MARQUARDT SCHALTSYSTEME