Have your say about the Balanced Scorecard training programs:
"By applying what we have learned, we certainly will increase our staff involvement and responsibility for the problems to be solved. Thus we will increase efficiency and reduce losses. I wish good luck in the future for the Exegens team."
Nicolae Movileanu, General Manager, DELTA INVEST
"This training program helped me to clarify many questions and know what to improve on what we have now."
Iuliana Ochea, BCR, Strategy Department
"I find this training useful for managers who want to improve their business management in a modern and pragmatic way using professional management techniques."
Theodosie Ioan Perju, General Manager, FIRENZE COM
"This is the best training presentation I have ever attended. My work will greatly improve following the information gained in this course."
Roxana Mihaela Tatomir, Quality Manager, CIO – Compania Indiilor Orientale
"The information gained in this course will help me to improve my specific activities analysis mentality and my decision making skill. This training was useful because I got many information that could improve my decision making criteria and time management skill."
Mircea Rusu, Technical Director, CIO – Compania Indiilor Orientale
"Using the information received in this course, I will be able to easily identify the problems in my work area, while using the ideas of everyone I work with. The course was useful because I received a lot of information that I would use in my daily work."
Ecaterina Deacu, Production Manager, CIO – Compania Indiilor Orientale
"The course was useful because it had opened for me a new perspective on everything that happened in an organization. As a result of this training, I think I will have a new start and a new approach."
Milvana Munteanu, Area Sales Supervisor, CIO – Compania Indiilor Orientale
"This training has given me a chance to look at my position from another point of view. Uncertainty in making decisions could be canceled by setting proper goals and by systematically verifying and following them."
Mihai Tecu, National Sales Manager, CIO – Compania Indiilor Orientale