Provide fair choices for our clients

Exegens® consulting projects start with a thorough understanding of the background and objectives of clients. After this first phase, we work to understand the culture and the organizational structure. Then, Exegens® can develop innovative customized solutions and specific action plans.

Critical factors: searching and maximizing the use of key success factors

From our previous projects, we  can draw the following critical factors: Productivity, Cost, Innovation, Quality, Delivery Time, Flexibility, Safety at Work, Morale and Motivation. In general, our customers are trying to return to the past to find solutions to current crisis. Exegens® solution is innovation, reduce losses and leadership. In the current period we need ideas and tools that can be applied successfully in a short time and with an acceptable cost level.

Exegens® consulting concept

The Exegens® consulting concept is considering four fundamental dimensions of the companies: Research & Development, Operations, Customers & Suppliers and Competitors.

10 consulting steps

During a consulting period, Exegens® can offer solutions by using 10 generic consulting steps:

  1. Scenarios for redesigning the profit;
  2. Business planning and clarifying the differences occurred;
  3. Optimizing organizational structure;
  4. Human resources planning and simulations;
  5. Cost reduction strategy;
  6. Marketing Strategy;
  7. Sales scenarios by type of customer;
  8. Evaluation of business system and productivity;
  9. Structure of losses;
  10. Action Plan, Implementation and Monitoring.

Note: project period will be determined later

Expected results

Exegens® experiences in implementing various programs for productivity, quality and controlling (costs and budgets) in production, trade or services companies have confirmed the possibility to obtain the following results:

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Trainings, workshops, manuals and video prezentations

Based on the Exegens® concept saying “first learn and then do”, we have designed Trainings, Workshops and Manuals with different Video Presentations from other companies for each practical problem on Productivity, Quality and Controlling.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization with our consulting and our open/in house training services.