Exegens® has a consistent experience in using “Automotive Core Tools” methodologies to support process improvement and implementation of quality management systems.

All standards of Advanced Product Quality Planning provide structured methods for defining and establishing the necessary steps to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the customers. The Control Plans help products′ quality  being consistent with customer requirements and apriori standards. The Control Plans provide the  structural approach for design, selection and implementation of control methods for the added value in the whole system. A company that targets a high level of quality must use FMEA in the Advanced Quality Planning Processes and in the development of their control plans.

FMEA is a group of activities designed to:

  • recognize and assess the potential “failure” of the products or processes and its effects;
  • identify actions that could eliminate or reduce potential “failure”;
  • document the processes.

The SPC (Statistical Process Control) training offers the opportunity to understand the importance to interpret changes in process parameters behavior changes and needed reactions by using a suite of statistical methods, particularly the control charts.

The MSA ( Measurement Systems Analysis) studies are used to determine the need for measurements on processes for assessing special features, especially for the development of measures to ensure robust and capable processes for special features .

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) provides suppliers the understanding of the processes required to produce constant quality parts during a production process. PPAP is the industry standard for defining the product approval process to ensure compliance and consistent fulfillment of design requirements and specifications.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA ) provides developing a common language and a common structure to solve problems both within the company and in its relations with suppliers and customers in order to intervene in the shortest time possible to solve the problem. The globalization creates a strong competitive pressure level and hence a productivity level, which requires continuous  flexibility/ adaptability of the company  Flexibility requires changes. Change requires the emergence of various kinds of problems at all company levels. So, a problem is a deviation from the preset performance . The objective of finding solutions to the problem is to identify relevant causes.

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