If you need customized assitance in Total Productive Management for long term planningand results focused training sessions, our productivity consultants will provide you support to achieve the competitive advantage. Supported by our team, your productivity projects will focus on the implementation of Value-Adding Management, Total Quality Management, Cost and Managerial Accounting, Just-in-Time and Total Productive Maintenance principles.

Each approach will be made using team work and strategic oriented tools: Balanced Scorecard, Standardization, One-Piece Flow, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Kaizen, Quick Changeover (SMED), Mistake-Proofing (Poka yoke), Kanban, Problem Solving with CEDAC, Visual Workplace, Visual Office, Autonomous Maintenance, Oveall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Ergonomics, Cost control and much more!

Our trainings, workshops and forums provide you the opportunity for continuous improvement in key areas such as Lean SixSigma Management.

Exegens is known for significant improvements made as a result of the previous projects. A large proportion of customers have worked with us as a result of recommendations made from their colleagues, who previously have collaborated with our team.

As a result of continuous studies, research and experience, our company expands its offer every year, constantly adapting to the current economical context.

Why we are different?

For 7 reasons:

1. Approaching the strategy
Lean transformation by Exegens requires a vision that will be shared by the entire staffs, which can be converted into concrete and measurable goals and which are related to all activities for improvement in the organization.

2. Management Reform
Exegens consulting services operate management reform through a mechanism to clarify behaviour to achieve an individual goal, to create a mechanism to operate the whole organization effectively and to link the mechanism to performance.

3. Customer Satisfaction
Exegens simultaneously achieves customer value and corporate value, including streamlining and establishes a base for the stable growth of business results.

4. Business process
Exegens reforms the work process by determining the Business System Unit recognizing the differences in the Key Factors for Succes.

5. Team work
Exegens believes the most reliable means of opening a new style of human resource management in the 21st century can be found from the worksite.

6. ”Zero waste”
Exegens believes how much waste a company has depends on how well it responds to its problems and helps its clients to create a way of life to look deeper and solve underlying causes that lead to this surface problems.

7. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
The current KPI of Exegens projects cover: Productivity, Costs, Innovations, Quality, Delivery Time, Flexibility, Safety at work and Employees′ Moral and Motivation.

Consulting services

The main Exegens goal: Formulate and Implement a Winning Plan for our clients. Exegens Consulting Philosophy is built on five main dimensions of the companies:

Strategy & Planning
Management Vision, Middle and Long Term Planning, Alliance Strategy, Business Reorganization, New Business Development, Strategic Key Performance Indicators, Brand Strategy, Customer Statisfaction Management, Productivity Improvement, Office Productivity, Sales Competitiveness, Sales Process Innovation, HR Reform, Cost Half Program, Profit Doubling Plan

Research & Development
Client Value, Technology Strategy, R&D Innovation, Innovation Design, NPD Strengthening, Business Process Redesign, HR – Organisational Climate Reform, HR – Workplace Motivation, HR – Assessment

Manufacturing Strategy, Program for Radical Improvement in Productivity, Production Base Restructuring, Risk Management, Total Productive Management, Synchronized Production, Production System Design, Workflow Design, Work Measurement

Clients & Suppliers
Logistics Strategy and Distribution Center Reform, Suppliers Strategy and Procurement Reform, Cost Reduction to Supply Chain, ABC/ABM, Distribution Cost Reduction (Benchmmarking), Procurement Cost Reduction Program, Cash Flow Improvement, Quality Improvement

Benchmarking, Best Practices, Comparative Key Performance Indicators, Developing Action Plans, Monitoring

Consulting steps

Exegens consulting projects start with a thorough understanding of the background and objectives of clients. After this first phase, we work to understand the culture and the organizational structure. After that, Exegens can develop innovative customized solutions and specific action plans.

During a consulting period, Exegens can offer solutions by 10 generic consulting steps:

  1. Scenarious for redesigning the profit;
  2. Business planning and clarifying the differences occured;
  3. Optimizing organizational structure;
  4. Human resources planning and simulations;
  5. Cost reduction strategy;
  6. Marketing strategy;
  7. Sales scenarios by type of customer;
  8. Evaluation of business system and productivity;
  9. Structure of losses;
  10. Action Plan, Implementation and Monitoring.
Note: project period will be determined later. 

Nowadays, it has become quite difficult to determine whom we should serve as a customer, what kind of competing services the customer has in mind, and in which area we should develop our strategy and business. However, whether companies focuse on increasing their business in the existing industry or they decide to enter a new market, it is crucial to understand the structural caracteristics and featureas of the markets and industries surrounding the business.

Our vision is a complex design in which the structures of management and business are optimised, including the business structure, the organizational and operational structure and the human resource structure. Exegens is making plans to implement our complex design. Exegens makes fundamental reforms to the existing business structure and support the development of business.

On site implementation: Master Plans, Training Programs, Complementary Workshops, Pilot Projects, Mentoring, Coaching, Interviews, Checklists, Productivity Audits, Advisory Services and much more! 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization with our consulting and our open/in house training services.