Why Are We Unique? For 7 Reasons:
  1. Strategy approach

MCPD transformation by Exegens provides a vision that must be shared by all staff, which can be converted into specific and measurable goals that are linked to all effective and efficient improvement activities in the organization.

  1. Management Reform

Exegens® consulting services undertake a complete management reform through a mechanism that clarifies all aspects necessary to increase competitiveness. This mechanism – the MCPD system – addresses the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire organization and is continuously linked to the expected performance,  respectively with the Business Productivity Model (PBM).

  1. Customer Satisfaction

The Exegens® consulting simultaneously achieves client value and corporate value by consistently increasing the expected business results.

  1. Business Processes

Exegens® redesigns and improves business processes for each Product Family Cost (PFC) to consistently reduce manufacturing lead time in order to have high-speed processes responding to market needs and by total human catalysis to spectacularly increase profitability through productivity.

  1. Team Work

Exegens® believes that the safest way to open a new style of human resource management in the 21st century can be found right at the workplace.

  1. Zero Cost of Losses and Waste (ZCLW)

Exegens® believes that the level of Cost of Losses and Waste (CLW) in a company depends on how well it responds to its problems and helps its clients create a lifestyle to look in depth and solve the underlying causes of these surface cost issues to reach the Ideal Costs or Zero Cost of Losses and Waste (ZCLW) state.

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Profitability improvement projects through Exegens meet the KPIs targets for: Productivity, Costs, Innovation, Quality, Delivery Time, Flexibility, Maintenance, Safety Health and Environmental Management, Employee Morale and Motivation.

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