Consulting: Operational Excellence

True Productivity Reveals your Hidden Profitability!

The Current and Future Challenges (Opinions of Managers):
  • We need to increase our employees’ real commitment to improvements and real improvement in their attitudes and abilities to make effective and efficient changes in more enjoyable and clear work environments.
  • We need to develop a new corporate culture centered on cost-competitiveness improvement to enhance the company’s real competitiveness through the latest Operational Excellence programs.
  • We seek to have the results of kaizen and kaikaku initiatives that lead to lower costs of products and services and contribute to real target profit structure reform.
  • It is important to avoid the wrong investments by assessing the risks based on well-designed market studies and maximizing the efficiency of the invested resources through systematic and systemic improvement initiatives that target all the company’s resources.
  • We need Innovation Lifelong Journey: products, processes, technologies, equipment and ideas that are better and more efficient.
  • We need Productivity Lifelong Journey: neither more nor less than real efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We need Leadeship Lifelong Journey: total support for a culture of continuous improvement towards excellence.
Exegens® Concept for Operational Excellence:

The purpose of Exegens: formulate and implement a winning plan for our customers to achieve industry world-class level at performance indicators level based on maximizing the efficiency of using all resources using the best work method.

Exegens® consulting is focused on five large areas of companies that fully meet the needs of an organization to achieve the Operational Excellence state:

  • Productivity Policy Deployment:
    1. Productivity Business Model (PBM)
    2. Profitability and Productivity Scenarios
    3. Targets Deployment
    4. Company Organization to Reach Targets
    5. Choosing Strategic Improvement Projects
  • Innovation
    1. Innovative Production Process Redesign
    2. Developing New Profitable Products
    3. Value Stream Management for New Products
    4. Developing New Reliable Equipment
  • Supply Chain
    1. Establish Objectives, KPI, and Strategic Improvement Projects
    2. Improving Materials and Products Lead Time and Flow
    3. Improving Material Stocks and Finished Products Stocks
    4. OTIF Maximization for Delivery of Finished Products
    5. Supply Chain Cost Improvement
  • Production Flow
    1. Establish Objectives, KPI, and Strategic Improvement Projects
    2. Manufacturing Cost Improvement
    3. People and Equipment Productivity Reform
    4. Reduction of Production Lead Time
    5. Increase Synchronize Processes Based on the Takt Time
    6. Reform for Reducing WIP Stocks
    7. Maintenance Reform
    8. Quality Assurance Reform
    9. Internal Logistics Reform
    10. Risk Places Improvement
  • Problem Solving, People and Leadership
    1. Shop Floor Management
    2. Shop Floor Cost Management
    3. Cost Improvement Culture and Leadership
    4. Leadership Assessment
    5. Planning and Developing the Suggestion System
    6. Management Branding Assessment
    7. Training Plan Development
Expected Results:
Uncover your Hidden Profitability through Operationall Excellence
  • Our Operational Excellence programs are closely linked to the specific policies of each company.

  • Operational Excellence expectations, goals, targets and means are cascaded to the Product Family Costs (PFC) and to each individual department, each employee becoming familiar with them.

  • A robust master plan is developed to ensure Operational Excellence progress. This master plan is executed in a structured and systematic way based on a strict internal organization for that purpose (Operational Excellence Steering Committee and specialist sub-committees in place).

  • Our Operational Excellence approach is based on an own set of measurements of the efficiency and effectiveness of the production system.

  • Monitoring progress in achieving objectives, targets and means is expressed in a way easy to understand and approach.

  • Operational Excellence expectations, goals, targets and means are established based on benchmarking and are assured on a robust daily management basis.

  • The expected results of Operational Excellence are met with the help of shoop floor teams – kaizen and kaikaku projects.

  • Our Operational Excellence approach aims to build an efficient management system for sustainable company development through the full and continuous involvement of the entire workforce in systematic (kaizen) and systemic (kaikaku) improvement activities.

  • Our approach to Operational Excellence aims at developing a new corporate culture and an ethos in which cost improvement is essential.

  • Our Operational Excellence approach aims at developing a pro-cost improvement leadership.

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