Profitable Production Planning using Speed-Based Target Profit (SBTP)

Practical Approach for Cost-down and Cash-up!

Profitable production planning is and will remain an eternal challenge to ensuring the prosperity and dignity of companies in a global market. Even though there are different approaches to achieving the target profitability through productivity in the production planning stage, these approaches do not guarantee consistent planning, creation, and sustenance of synchronous profitable operations for multiannual and annual target profit. In feedback to this predicament, Alin Posteucă developped at Exegens a new system called Speed-Based Target Profit (SBTP).

SBTP is the profitable production management and manufacturing improvement system that approaches production planning to achieve unit speed of target profit for target products through manufacturing cost improvement and bottleneck profitability control for maximum takt time. Managers and practitioners within manufacturing companies will discover a practical approach for cost down and cash up by applying a powerful operational profitable production planning formula to meet profitability expectations through productivity based on strong leadership with the help of a specific system for feedforward, concurrent, and feedback control. Therefore, the SBTP system presents a holistic approach to profitability for target products and the development of its own mechanism since the acceptance of each order from customers to achieve continuous synchronization of all manufacturing processes to market requirements, profitability management, and profitable production planning.

By adopting the SBTP system, your company will be able to consistently achieve unit speed of target profit in the bottleneck process for fulfilling annual and multiannual target profit as a unique and effective way through a new profitable production planning paradigm that operates according to its own production system.

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