Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD)

The development of production companies will never stop. For this, they are constantly transforming and articulating/ re-articulating to the needs of the market, in a continuous search and improvement of the best production method.

Continuing the concern for continous innovation in profitability through productivity, Exegens® has developed the Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) system. The main goals of the MCPD system are to reduce costs and increase external and internal profit by improving productivity.

Expected results of the MCPD system:

  • reducing the annual unit cost by at least 6% for the next 5 years;
  • company profit increase of 10% annually;
  • total lead time reduction of at least 10% annually;
  • increasing production capacity through systematic improvements of at least 8% per year;
  • increasing process productivity up to 400%. Detalii…
Balanced Scorecard

Organizations allocate significant time, energy, human and financial resources to measure performance in achieving strategic objectives. But “less than 10% of strategies efficiently formulated are efficiently executed.” (Fortune Magazine). “Strategy has never been so important as now in crisis.” (Exegens).

Balanced Scorecard has emerged as an excellent tool to capture, describe and translate strategic objectives of the organizations into objectives fully understood by the organization as a whole, by the division or by parts of the organization and by all employees at an individual or group level, so that strategies be implemented successfully.

Exegens provides consulting services to design and implement a performance management system, helping customers to establish simple and effective way to increase productivity (up to 150% of staff, equipment, utilities, materials, logistics and storage), to improve the budgeting and costing system, to define the right number of employees, to have an excellent Benckmarking and Best Practices  systems and to design a performance  reporting system through the Balanced Scorecard.

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