Controlling training: April 2019

By Exegens

Open Controlling Training – April 2019, Cluj-Napoca:

Controlling I: Basics of Controlling – 8th, 9th of April 2019 – Cluj-Napoca.

Controlling II: Cost Reduction and Profitability – 15th, 16th of April 2019 – Cluj-Napoca. During this module, several real cost reduction examples will be presented to ensure the competitiveness of companies.

Cursantii vor descoperi în cadrul cursului direcții inovative de abordare a sistemelor de costuri și bugetare prin care se garantează profitul țintă necesar anual și multianual.

Attendees will discover during the training session innovative approaches to cost and budget systems that guarantee the necessary annual and multiannual target profit.

The training session includes exclusively the presentation of the Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) System, which aims at reducing the annual unit costs by at least 6% per year for a minimum of 5 years, by identifying and reducing the losses and waste in the processes of each product family, losses presented in the forecasted and realized profit and loss account, without allocating significant resources for that purpose.

This training is the only Controlling training program that has been running for 14 consecutive years in Romania.


Exegens® is a global consulting firm specialized in operational excellence, cost improvement and business performance improvement. Exegens® team helps customers create and implement profitable strategies and cost improvement programs that ensure a unit cost improvement of at least 6% per year for each of the next 5 years by maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.