Exegens – 15 years anniversary

By Exegens

As Exegens celebrates 15 years of activity, we would like to thank you for having the opportunity to collaborate on different projects, to exchange ideas on social networks and on the blog and to evolve together!

In April 2005, with a strong ethics and a dream of providing complete consulting services (consulting, training, workshop and supervision in implementation) at a high level regarding the increase of profitability through productivity for any type of business, our vision of exploring the potential of profitability through productivity in order to continuously inspire the business environment to assume responsible use of all resources to achieve the expected results. This vision has guided us continuously and has been the engine of our continuous innovation in the development and implementation of its own technology to increase productivity and sharply reduce costs for profitability.

Once again, thank you for having the opportunity to evolve together! We will continue to innovate continuously to help you discover uncovering hidden reserves of productivity in a changing world to ensure you meet your profitability expectations.

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Exegens® is a global consulting firm specialized in operational excellence, cost improvement and business performance improvement. Exegens® team helps customers create and implement profitable strategies and cost improvement programs that ensure a unit cost improvement of at least 6% per year for each of the next 5 years by maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.