Set-up: improvement and production planning

By Dr. Alin Posteucă

Every manufacturing company must do the set-up (changeover) activity. Without this activity the work cannot be carried out and the flexibility imposed by the clients’ requests cannot be ensured.

But I often meet companies that do not have a standard time for each type of set-up or at least for the most frequent, complex or longer set-ups. Moreover, or as a consequence, this standard time is not captured in production planning.

Negative effects (decrease of profit/increase of costs): pressure on the standard cycle time of the operations for the recovery of the set-up time to meet production target, overtime, in quality, premature deterioration of the equipment, personal rotation, stress and non-productivity of people, inconsistent improvement of the set-up, and especially unsatisfied customers even fully.

Therefore, even though the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the set-up is at least as important as the SOP of the current activities, the SOP for the set-up is non-existent in many companies and, consequently, it cannot be improved.

In this context, a question arises: is standardization of the set-up and its inclusion in production planning really a problem encountered by you in companies?

Source: Alin Posteucă on LinkedIn

Dr. Alin Posteucă is a consultant in productivity and profitability, CEO of Exegens® and the author of Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) and Speed-Based Target Profit (SBTP) concepts. His major research areas include manufacturing policy deployment, manufacturing cost improvement and visible profitability of operational excellence by improving productivity. His recent research includes the impact of Industry 4.0 on planning and developing synchronous profitable operations and on information systems of cost and budget in order to substantially improve the operational unit costs.

He has been actively involved in various industrial consulting and training projects for more than 20 years, delivering training/ workshop programs in Productivity, Innovation, Business Transformation and Leadership for over 5,000 participants.

He has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and a Ph.D. in Managerial Accounting. He has an MBA Degree and a BA Degree in Accounting and Computer Science and he is certified Public Accountant in Romania. He has published in various research journals and presented papers at numerous conferences and congresses regarding Productivity, Profitability and Industrial Engineering.

Dr. Alin Posteucă is the author of Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) and Speed-Based Target Profit (SBTP) concepts, published in four books at Productivity Press – Routledge/ CRC, New York (USA).

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