• Strategic Kaizen Book release

New book release: Beyond Strategic Kaizen

By Dr. Alin Posteucă

New book! ‘Beyond Strategic KAIZEN‘

It has been a pleasure and challenge for me to do research for this new book over the past 20+ years. I started by researching the interactions between target operating time and inventory structures at the production flow level and detailed typologies of losses and waste for each cost structure were identified. Then I developed the necessary modelling to simultaneously achieve the operational and financial target performance expected by the manufacturing companies. This research was used to determine the potential for strategic productivity improvement in a feasible manner in several prestigious manufacturing organizations globally. In this way, these organizations, regardless of whether they were from processing industries or manufacturing and assembly industries, had the opportunity to choose and implement the most effective and efficient Strategic KAIZEN projects to move towards the ideal state of the production flow, the state of Synchronous Profitable Operations continuously directed by the need to achieve the targets of TAKT PROFIT and KAIZENshiro Budgets. Details…

After seeing what is happening globally in many manufacturing organizations, and not only, in terms of the steep drop in profit margins and the sharp increase in competition in lowering costs during the #COVID pandemic, and after analyzing the solutions adopted by them and their financial and operational results obtained, I decided to write this book about my concept of Strategic KAIZEN, a concept published for the first time in my previous books (2017-2020) and to choose a few Strategic KAIZEN projects for this book from my previous consulting projects.

I hope that this book will stimulate executives and the university environment to carefully consider the thinking and methodology of Strategic Kaizen presented in detail only in this book, once they see the evidence of the practical applicability of Strategic KAIZEN, after they will see the theoretical framework of how to apply Strategic KAIZEN and especially after they will understand the tangible and intangible benefits of Strategic KAIZEN over time.

I have the great pleasure to sincerely thank Michael Sinocchi for his trust and help in publishing my five books, to thank for the interest and help of the managers and practitioners in the companies where I have developed my concepts, and also to offer my special thanks to the book reviewers Mike Dillon, John Heap, shigeyasu sakamoto, Mukesh Kumar, Nada Sanders, George Onofrei, Monica Vuscan, Remi Dairo.

Source: Alin Posteuca on LinkedIn

Strategic productivity and profitability consultant and researcher, Alin Posteucă, Ph.D., Ph.D. is transforming the way companies approach their strategic transformation. With over 20 years of management consulting experience, Posteucă has created effective concepts such as Strategic Kaizen, Takt Profit, KAIZENshiro Budgets and Costing. His research on production flow has led to innovative breakthroughs in strategic and operational productivity improvement.

Posteucă's investigation into typologies of losses and waste has identified feasible improvements that can achieve the ideal state of production flow, known as Synchronous Profitable Operations (SPO). His Takt Profit model allows the optimization of production planning, transforming profit per minute into objectives for strategic improvements achieved through Strategic Kaizen projects.

Posteucă's research has led to increased effectiveness in strategic improvements and has set the stage for future productivity in the world of manufacturing technology. He is laureate of the Romanian Academy of the "Traian Vuia" Prize, the highest scientific prize in Romania.