We have the complete solution for implementing Strategic Kaizen Transformation in your organization!

Are you looking to get your costs under control but don’t know where to start? Traditional Kaizen is no longer enough to deliver the expected results.

We have a program designed to guide your organization to strategically improve productivity for target profitability regardless of the company’s sales trend (increasing or decreasing), while maintaining quality and improving the overall workplace culture.

It has been proven that the fundamental task of any top manager is to continuously develop his understanding of his position and role and to use this understanding to clearly identify what the problems are, when and how they need to be solved in order to improve the system exactly as needed .

In today’s business, where resources are increasingly expensive and scarce, where technology and digitization as well as customer needs are constantly changing, where quality levels are stringent and supply chains often suffer severely, it has become extremely difficult for top managers to directly understand the worst productivity and cost problems in their organization’s departments.

Top managers must continuously have full visibility of the potential for feasible productivity growth for annual and multi-year target profitability, without involving large expenditures, to be able to mobilize all their people within the organization and those beyond the organization’s gates to achieve the expected results. Strategic Kaizen does this.

Our programs are based on the Strategic Kaizen methodology where strategic productivity improvement aims to simultaneously meet financial and operational results. This means that operations reach their ideal state of profitable synchronous operations.

We know that making such a significant change can be daunting, so we recommend starting with a trial period to test the effectiveness of the Strategic Kaizen methodology, making adjustments as needed. Our team will work closely with you to set up and manage the trial process and provide ongoing support and guidance.

Companies in the processing and manufacturing and assembly industries have been successful with Strategic Kaizen methodology with increases in productivity, profitability, and cost reduction, and by increasing the commitment of managers and all employees to achieve strategic productivity improvements.

Welcome to the one-month Strategic Kaizen Transformation pilot program!

We have two ways you can join a pilot program:

  1. Self-guided Program or
  2. One-on-one Transformation Support
Self-guided Program

What is it?

You’d like to go it alone, and you’re looking for the resources in the Beyond Strategic Kaizen book to help you succeed. We have a complete option that will help you.

Who should participate?

If you are a business leader confident in your ability to turn your business around without one-on-one, personalized support, then our standalone program is for you. You will receive our explanations on all aspects related to your implementation and access to a community of like-minded business leaders in Strategic Kaizen Transformation.

One-on-one Transformation Support

What is it?

This is a coordinated 30-day pilot program on a Strategic Kaizen Transformation for a specific area of your organization. We have tailored programs for each production area of the business.

Who should participate?

Many companies would like to have more personalized and one-on-one support in Strategic Kaizen Transformation.  Some companies are interested in strategically increasing productivity to achieve target profitability, others are interested in testing new directions of increasing productivity for target profitability. In both cases, you’ll have unique access to the expertise, tools, and resources you need to run a smooth, successful, and deliverable demo.

This pilot program includes:

  1. Analysis of the current condition, basic policy and strategy – analysis of KPIs targets at the strategic level;
  2. Collection and analysis of key operational data for each process (previous year’s data or their measurement);
  3. Collection and analysis of key cost data for each process (previous year’s data or their measurement);
  4. Establishing the required cost reduction target (customer need and/or company need);
  5. Collecting and analyzing data on losses and waste (23+16) for each process, establishing their causal relationships and translating them into costs (previous year’s data or their measurement);
  6. Establishing the Ideal and Target Profit Takt and stratified KAIZENshiro;
  7. Financial reconciliation (financial catchball; estimation of feasible internal profit to be obtained by reducing costs) – development of KAIZENshiro Budget to meet the annual targets of Takt Profit by Product Family and implicitly of Speed-Base Target Profit;
  8. Operational reconciliation (operational catchball; estimating the level of achievable targets of operational KPIs);
  9. Identifying methods to achieve the Annual Target of Takt Profit – organization, planning and learning;
  10. Implementation of a feasible Strategic Kaizen project in 6 steps and preparation of the Strategic KAIZEN Transformation project for the entire area/factory (presentation to top management).

Pricing is based on the level of support required and what your organization needs to deliver the expected results.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your productivity for target profitability and organizational culture and take your business to the next level!

Contact us today to learn more about our Strategic Kaizen Transformation plan and take the first step towards increasing profitability by consistently and persistently increasing productivity without incurring significant expenses.