Podcast: Productivity of the companies and the state

By Exegens

Productivity of the Companies and the State: A Podcast with Alin Posteucă and John Heap
By The Institute of Productivity, UK
January 15, 2021

The role of productivity in companies and at the state level is more important than ever in these pandemic times and beyond. The time when everything that was produced and delivered was profitable enough is long gone. The visibility of productivity growth at the company level by improving costs for consistent profitability and at the level of people’s well-being at the state level is more than necessary.

Productivity is the only way for companies and states.

Some highlights from their conversation:

Alin Posteucă (3:55): In fact, my belief is that the usefulness of any management theory depends on its practical application. An effective management methodology should be the theory of practices. That is, practice comes first. This is what I seek to do when I develop new practical concepts in the field of productivity for the continuous improvement of costs.

Alin Posteucă (4:34): In short, I believe that the time when everything that was produced and delivered was profitable enough is long gone. Continuous fulfillment of profit expectations through the successful implementation of a strategy of continuous cost improvement based on productivity growth is – and will remain – the core goal of any company. So, my research and books so far are in the area of ​​operational excellence. For me, operational excellence means continuously directing companies’ attention to the ideal cost or zero cost of losses and waste.

Alin Posteucă (7:10): I believe that the global direction is to increase productivity amid total respect for the environment and for people. The role of productivity must increase more than ever to fully respect the limited resources of our planet, all the resources of our house.

Alin Posteucă (9:18): First of all, I believe that there is a need to define a measurable national vision of productivity, a vision for the next 15 or 20 years. The key ingredients should be “Respect the Globe” and ”Respect the People”.

Alin Posteucă (13:01): First of all, there is a need to continuously study the potential for improving productivity. The continuous identification of the most effective and efficient directions to improve productivity, improvements that are convergent to the vision and mission of productivity, is what many companies lack. In fact, many companies have not defined their vision and mission of productivity and do not continuously identify opportunities to increase productivity regardless of the current and / or future business context. Increasing productivity is the basic goal of any company, whether sales decrease or increase, to support the cardinal goal of consistent cost reduction and to achieve the necessary profit.



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