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Promoting Strategic Kaizen

By Dr. Alin Posteucă

Everyone would like to see successful Strategic Kaizen projects, because these are the types of challenges that the organization faces whether they are aware of these challenges or not. With this in mind, consider the following four essential points for promoting Strategic Kaizen Thinking:

  1. promote a realistic KAIZENshiro level per company;
  2. promote an annual KAIZENshiro level for each module;
  3. promote strong determination in achieving the targets of each Strategic Kaizen project;
  4. promote persistence until the targets of Strategic Kaizen projects and annual KAIZENshiro are achieved. Details…

KAIZENshiro budgets urge organizations to stay true to long-term thinking and profitability achieved by creating and strategically improving productivity for continuous and consistent cost reduction without affecting quality and/or delivery times but on the contrary improving quality and lead time delivery.

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Source: Alin Posteuca on LinkedIn

Strategic productivity and profitability consultant and researcher, Alin Posteucă, Ph.D., Ph.D. is transforming the way companies approach their strategic transformation. With over 20 years of management consulting experience, Posteucă has created effective concepts such as Strategic Kaizen, Takt Profit, KAIZENshiro Budgets and Costing. His research on production flow has led to innovative breakthroughs in strategic and operational productivity improvement.

Posteucă's investigation into typologies of losses and waste has identified feasible improvements that can achieve the ideal state of production flow, known as Synchronous Profitable Operations (SPO). His Takt Profit model allows the optimization of production planning, transforming profit per minute into objectives for strategic improvements achieved through Strategic Kaizen projects.

Posteucă's research has led to increased effectiveness in strategic improvements and has set the stage for future productivity in the world of manufacturing technology. He is laureate of the Romanian Academy of the "Traian Vuia" Prize, the highest scientific prize in Romania.