The vast majority of company problems originate in only 7 general areas: lack of real managerial commitment, resistance to change, lack of total and continuous involvement of all departments and beyond, reactive mangerial behavior, poor or poorly defined processeses, incorrect and/ or incomplete improvement project implementation, and inadequate training & workshop programs.

Exegens® provides complex and inovative training programs to support lifelong learning efforts by developing employees’ skills and creating a flexible learning system for profitable transformation of the organization:


Transforming companies for profitability through productivity.


The long journey of companies for innovation and productivity reform.


Increasing productivity of people, equipment, processes & flows.


Leadership to increase profitability through productivity.

Open Training

Controlling & cost reduction, productivity increase and working methods redesign.

Free Webinars

Controlling & cost reduction, productivity increase and working methods redesign.

All Exegens® training programs are available in on-site sessions. Companies must have a certain number of participants or require several types of courses. The advantage of cost and the possibility to discuss and solve specific company issues during the training program are two great advantages for such training sessions. Also, all these standard courses can be customized on demand. The training sessions can be complemented by additional workshops and/ or integrated consulting projects.

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