Controlling In House

Phase I: Controlling Audit -Actual techniques and methods vs. necessary techniques and methods.

Phase II: Controlling. The Business ProfitabilitySeminar for detailed study and practice in the use of the tools of controlling for specialists in the field of Accountancy and Corporate Planning just as for managers from the various areas of responsibility who are involved with controlling (planning, control, decision making, performance appraisal). This seminar is obligatory for the admission to the following stages.

Phase III: Coaching & Implementing – Implementing of techniques and methods in your business

Our goal is to help you to develop and implement projects such as establishing a new reporting and information system, designing a management profit and loss account, introducing profit centre organisations and setting up project management and controlling.

Moreover, we can provide your company with assistance and coaching in budgeting and strategic planning.

Controlling Training

In house sessions

In order to survive in high-competitive markets and to make a reasonable profit, Exegens® offers companies a cost knowledge and improvement approach by: presenting the interaction between knowledge and cost reduction objectives and other company objectives, presenting directions for design and development of a cost and budgeting system, understanding the main Controlling methods and techniques, understanding the possibilities of use and the expected effects, approaching and determining the stocks cost level, presenting the connections between the concepts and the consecrated models and explaining how they can be used by the participants in their company, etc. Details…

In order to survive in high-competitive markets and to make a reasonable profit, Exegens® offers companies a systematic and systematic approach to cost knowledge and improvement by: presenting the interaction between cost knowledge and reduction objectives and other company objectives, presenting the design and development directions of a cost and budget system, approaching costs for each product family, determining the level of the current unit cost, setting the targets for the continuous improvement of costs according to the market signals, identifying the opportunities and means for meeting the cost targets according to losses & waste within processes, developing, implementing and monitoring continuous cost improvement plans, etc. Details…

In house sessions

Cost reduction and price competitiveness is a continuous challenge for all companies, both for future products and especially for existing products. A performing CONTROLLING system involves knowing and continually improving costs, whether you are a large or small manufacturing, service, commerce, or distribution company.  Details…

In house sessions

This workshop is an ideal introduction to Lean Accounting. Lean Accounting is the term used by accounting of the companies that require control and measurement of the processes to support the management “Lean Thinking”. “Lean Thinking” is the approach of the entire company from the only point of view of the customer, developing a slim system for an immediate response to market signals (customers, suppliers and competitors).  Details…

All these standard trainings can be tailored upon request. All training sessions can be followed by additional workshops and/ or integrated consulting projects.

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