On-site Training (1 day) & Workshop (2 days)

Achieving an acceptable level of long-term profitability requires the full involvement of management teams and all staff from the company and beyond.

Daily Management Indicators (DMIs) are the extension of the kaizen and kaikaku indicators (KKIs) for manufacturing cost improvement (MCI) and are an element of the fifth step of the productivity business model (PBM) – the Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) system framework. They identify, report and address deviations from standard as quickly as possible for company generic key performance indicators – KPIs (production, quality, cost, delivery, safety, morale – PQCDSM), for KPIs related to losses and waste, cost of losses & waste (CLW) and critical cost of losses  waste (CCLW) and for KKIs through day-to-day problem-solving activities, through the participation of team leaders and operators.

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