On-site Training + Workshop

5S – Workplace Organization & Visual Control: The Pillars for a Visual and Safe Workplace

On-site Training (2 days) + Workshop (1 day)

Through this training for operators and for work teams, Exegens® can help you implement the 5S′s in your organization and get the immediate productivity increase, but also for safety at work and for personnel’s state of mind.

The 5S′s are the initials of five Japanese words (Seiri/ Sort, Seiton/ Set in order, Seiso/ Shine, Seiketsu/ Standardizing, Shitsuke/ Sustain).

The 5S′s are the main activity for business improvement. The 5S′s have been recognized as the basic technique for the strategies of the world class companies (World Class Manufacturing). The 5S′s are not just about cleanliness however; it is about the functional organisation of the workplace, so that work can be done in an efficient, safe and non-frustrating environment.

The visual control concept is complementary to the 5S technique, which helps to supporting the program standardization jobs, eliminating losses and increasing performance (KPI: PQCDSM or Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Morale/ Motivation).

Sort: Sort the things you do not need and those you need and keep at the workplace only things you need. Get rid of unnecessary items.

Set in order: Carefully arrange and identify the items you need. Find a place for each thing, so that anyone can find it. Ask for things to always be placed in the designated space.

Shine: Clean up. Allways maintain your workplace clean and shiny. Find why things are getting dirty.

Standardizing: Become an example for adhesion to the first 3S′s standards and encourage others to follow them. Make rules and procedures to promote a pleasant work environment until the first 3S′s become the second nature of everyone.

Sustain: Maintain and apply the first 4S′s. Become meticulous in preserving and putting things in order and cleaning.

Principles and targets to achieve through the implementation of a 5S program are: simplifying the work environment, reducing non-value-added activities, improving efficiency, reducing waste, improving quality, improving safety.

The summary of the training session:
Day I

1) Why do we need the 5S′s? 20 reactions of Romanian employees through 5S projects.
Introduction to the 5S′s. 5S vision, objectives and positionning in companies. Company organization and the 5S′s. Benefits of the 5S′s. Management preparation for a 5S program. Visual Control.

2) Brief description if the 5S′s;

3) Detailed description of the first 5S pillar: Sort (steps; sorting criteria for productive area, for offices and for warehouses;  Red-Tag strategy in 6 steps; case study, etc.).

4) Detailed description of the second 5S pillar: Set in order (steps, color code, 17 ergonomics principles; arranging productive areas, offices (documents/ files) and warehouse; case study, etc.).

Day II

5) Detailed description of the third 5S pillar: Shine (15 urgent needs; 3 phases for cleaning the equipment; 5 cleaning steps; Example of inspections by cleaning points, etc.);

6) Detailed description of the forth 5S pillar: Standardizing (needs for standardization; 3 levels for maintaining the first 3S′s; Five-Minute 5S; detailed checklist; summary checklist for productive areas – 25 questions – and for offices – 25 questions; examples of standards – cleaning, lubrication, inspection, etc.).

7) Detailed description of the fifth 5S pillar: Discipline (15 needs; directions for discipline development; 5S sustaining strategies; visual management, etc.).

8) Conduct enterprise-wide 5S program (initial and system maintaining projects).
Discutions. Video Example.

Who should attend: managers, engineers, production supervizors, facilitators, team leaders, technical leaders, operators.

5S & Visual Control for Office

On-site Training (2 days) + Workshop (1 day)

The office and service activities are today an important source of the potential ways to improve the productivity in the companies worlwide. While the administrative and offices activities decide 60% of the costs of an organization, most often they are regarded as less important than those directly productive departments. Moreover, 80% of the costs are already set out from the new product′s research-development-design phase. This phase is happening most in the offices, in different departments of the companies.

To increase productivity and achieve Lean organization, the office activities should provide support for productive operations to eliminate losses.

5S for the office is directly attacking the long response times, the low quality services to customers, the quality problems of the customers, the management crisis and the hidden costs.

Exegens® provides a systematic approach to 5S for office, revealing step by step the implementation and enforcement details. This 5S for office approach includes forms, work sheets, check lists, audit forms and photos to show in a friendly way the 5S′s values to be implemented.

Summary of the training session:

  1. About the 5S′s.
  2. Why the 5S′s in the offices?
  3. About losses in offices.
  4. Preparation of the project (20 steps).
  5. Area analisys.
  • S1 – Sort (Seiri)
  • S2 – Set in order (Seiton)
  • S3 – Shine (Seiso)
  • S4 – Standardizing (Seiketsu)
  • S5 – Sustain (Shitsuke)

Who should attend: managers, operators in the office.

5S for Management

On-site Training (1 day) + Workshop (1 day)

Through this training, Exegens® helps the management of your company to understand the implications of a 5S program from the management point of view. The key sentence is: without the support of top management, there is no 5S progam.

The training’s goals are:

  1. Explaining the 5S goals regarding losses, workplace organisation, the job quality, safety and health at work and operational performances;

  2. Understanding the connections between your business goals and the 5S;

  3. Providing the ”picture”  for each step of the 5S;

  4. The presentation of examples and analysis of 5S advantages;

  5. Discussing the main employees resistance on the implementation of 5S;

  6. Discussing the key points of 5S success;

  7. The presentation of the management documents for the 5S program.

After this presentation, the management of your company will:

  1. have an overall picture of the 5S project;

  2. be able to create a 5S culture and leadership, then Lean / TPM;

  3. have a visibility in the business, both before and especially after the 5S implementation.

Summary of the training session:

  1. Vision and main goals of the 5S;
  2. 5S methodology and documents;
  3. Conduct 5S program in the company;
  4. The 5S management reporting;
  5. Case studies;
  6. Recommendations for management during the 5S;
  7. Approaching the continuing improvement;
  8. After 5S.

Who should attend: top management, facilitators, managers.

5S for Safety

On-site Training (1 day) + Workshop (1 day)

Through this training, Exegens® helps you to implement the 5S program for safety and health at work. We provide the implementing method step by step and all the helpful instruments and documents. The 5S System for Safety by Exegens®, as an important dimension of productivity in general, not just the labor productivity, answers the question: How 5S can be used to improve safety in the workplace?

Using 5S, the control and the prevention of accidents, can be solved more than 60% of the issues of safety in the workplace.

To ensure Safety at the workplace, Exegens® designed the responsibilities for all persons involved in the 5S, from the General Manager to the Project Team.

Summary of the training session:

  1. About 5S for Safety;

  2. The plan design for Safety;

  3. Training for the teams and Safety Action Plan;

  4. Performance for Safety (Safety Audit / Visual Control);

  5. Identification and analysis of the causes for the Safety problems;

  6. One-Point Lesson for Safety (Best Practices);

  7. Standardization for Best Practices in Safety.

Who should attend: top management, facilitators, managers, operators.

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