In house sessions

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitoring is important to understand and address the evolution of companies at the shop floor level. Horizontal and vertical communication and establishing responsibilities in reviewing KPIs at regular intervals are essential to achieve the consistent improvements required by deep root cause analysis. Choosing the most pressing issues requires the use and continuous development of a managerial system to ensure consistent controls at short intervals to provide prompt and accurate responses to any deviation from KPIs targets (up or down) in order to create a system stability with the help of a good problem solving process. Details…

This Process FMEA training provides a common structure for the development of the activities designed to recognize and evaluate the failure potential of a product or process design and associated effects. Moreover, it seeks to identify actions that could eliminate or reduce the possibility of occurrence of failures and the development of process document to ensure that a design or process does exactly what it takes to satisfy customers.


The above training as well as all Exegens® training programs are also available in-house. Companies must have a certain number of participants or require several types of courses. The advantage of the cost and the possibility to discuss and solve specific business topics during the training program are two great advantages for such training.

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