December 10-11, 2018 Bucharest

Achieving an acceptable level of long-term profitability through productivity requires the full involvement of management teams and all staff in and beyond any company. The continuous reduction of unit costs is – and will remain – one of the fundamental tasks of the management teams of any company to ensure the required level of profit. Note: The Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment (MCPD) system was created by Dr. Alin Posteucă in over 20 years of ongoing research. Details…

In house sessions

Balanced Scorecard has emerged as an excellent tool to capture, describe and translate strategic objectives of the organizations into objectives fully understood by the organization as a whole, by the division or by parts of the organization and by all employees at an individual or group level, so that strategies be implemented successfully. Details…

The above training as well as all Exegens® training programs are also available in-house. Companies must have a certain number of participants or require several types of courses. The advantage of the cost and the possibility to discuss and solve specific business topics during the training program are two great advantages for such training.

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