From outside-in to inside-out

By Exegens

Bottleneck operations are often one of the biggest challenges for any company to reduce production lead time. After the bottleneck operations are identified, the struggle to synchronize cycle time with takt time begins for industrial engineering specialists, maintenance specialists, improvement specialists, etc. They often seek to improve the standard operation procedure (SOP) through an “outside in” approach (the conventional way: improving the current working method for identifying and reducing/eliminating losses and waste).

In fact, an “inside out” approach is often needed (the innovative way: designing a new and innovative way of working for prevention of losses and waste; setting ideal working standards from the beginning).

Recently, Exegens experts have provided remote consulting to radically improve productivity without the investment involved. The result of these projects was a reduction in cycle time from the bottleneck operation by 30-70% and a truly significant increase in productivity.

So, do you need to increase productivity? The Exegens expert approach is the solution.

Source: Alin Posteucă on LinkedIn



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