Manufacturing Cost Policy Deployment

open sessions available

The chance to improve how to address cost improvement strategies, current cost problems in processes, and form managers to facilitate consistent cost improvement…


open sessions available

A systemic and systematic approach to cost knowledge and improvement by: presenting the interaction between knowledge and cost reduction objectives and other company objectives, presenting directions for designing and developing a cost and budgeting system…


open sessions available

The economic environment provides companies with challenges that often require rethinking businesses to ensure healthy future growth by continually improving…

Automotive Core Tools

open sessions available

Exegens® has a long and consistent experience in using “Automotive Core Tools” to help improve processes and implement quality management systems…


open sessions available

Achieving an acceptable level of long-term profitability through productivity requires the full involvement of the teams of managers and the entire staff of any company and beyond…

The above training as well as all Exegens® training programs are also available in-house. Companies must have a certain number of participants or require several types of courses. The advantage of the cost and the possibility to discuss and solve specific business topics during the training program are two great advantages for such training.

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