A Successful MDC Implementation

By Dr. Shigeyasu Sakamoto
Four Key Factors for a Successful MDC Implementation: Exceptional and Sustainable Productivity and Profitability

As you know, the real success of implementing any new idea or method needs a rigorous implementation plan. In this context, there is a normal and pertinent question:

What are the key points of a successful MDC implementation for getting uncommon results for productivity and/ or profitability?

To answer this question, for a successful MDC project, four points are recommended to follow:

  1. top down activities,
  2. design approach,
  3. full time project teams and top down steering organization and
  4. professional consultants.

I will briefly detail each of them:

a) Top management always makes important efforts to gain productivity improvement values. The figure shows that the results of project activities (left circle) do not connect to productivity gain as real improvement activities (left circle). Top management’s concern for project activities is always a single key point to success. The results are not simply obtained with adopted technique such as MDC or any other improvement approaches but the passion of top management for the project activities is much more important to success.

b) Engineered based approach left from present methods rather than the endless MUDA reducing, wastes improvement or participation based improvement. MDC is a tool for industrial engineers as professional, not amateur who are interested in present methods.

c) Specially organized project team with full time members. It is not easy to organize some amount size of project team, but you should do it.  The size depends on the object areas and/ or organization size. The rough estimation of a MDC project team is 10 percent of the employees from the area. This size can meet MDC project activities within 3 years. So, 30 or 50 engineers are not unusual amount of employees for such projects.

d) Then, the professional management consultants who well experienced to MDC are also significant to get excellent productivity improvement results. Although MDC consultants are just supporter for company requirement, remember that “changing a business requires dynamite and it’s a consultant who light the fuse”. The top management who hires the consultants always should be a key person and the eagerness of top management directly leads to uncommon results with consultants’ support.

So, What Do You Think?

How do you think you can achieve exceptional and sustainable results at the level of productivity and profitability using MDC in your company?


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Dr. Shigeyasu Sakamoto is a management consultant in productivity and profitability improvement and president of Productivity Partner Incorporation - Japan. Before his current appointment, Sakamoto was vice president of Maynard MEC AB (Sweden) and vice president of JMAC (Japan).

Dr. Sakamoto is a Fellow at the World Academy of Productivity Science. He received his doctorate degree of policy science from the Graduate School of Doshisha University in Japan and is certified as a P.E. by the Japanese government. He is also certified as: industrial engineer from the European Institute of Industrial Engineers, international MTM, method-time measurement instructor from International MTM Directorate (IMD), a MOST instructor from Maynard Management Institute and Work-Factor and Mento Factor instructor from WOFAC Corporation. He worked for the IMD as the technical coordinator responsible for developing a new system of MTM. Sakamoto is a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers in USA.

Dr. Sakamoto has more than 50 years of management consultant experience and he has very good feedback from his clients - top management - especially regarding the direct contribution to corporate performance with his own developed methodology of MDC, method design concept and work measurement rather than introducing a lot of fashionable topics. Basic industrial engineering technologies are not hackneyed. Effective results come when industrial engineers know how to use the technologies and demonstrate their abilities. This includes going back to the basics.

Dr. Sakamoto insists that the fundamentals for a higher level of Syakaku is only possible to reach through a higher level of profitability based on a higher level of productivity. There are so many arguments and targets for improving productivity for the purpose of competitiveness in the world market. However, poor levels of productivity and profitability only compromise higher corporate dignity, which is Syakaku.